September 25, 2021
Platform Power

Who gets to decide how to fix Big Tech in a democratic society? So far we been asked to trust Big Tech companies to make changes based on their own good will.

We have been expected to sit and wait for structural changes that never came.

We haven’t followed those expectations. Instead, for years, we have been contesting Big Tech’s power and pointed at its business model.

We asked questions about BigTech lobby, called out their harmful actions and demanded change in the way we regulate them. The response from BigTech has always been weak and based on superficial tweaks rather than addressing the real issues:

It is clear, the changes made are designed within the same set of rules and model that created the issue in the first place. BigTech’s profit will always come first, second and third. People are left as a secondary effect of Big Tech’s profit.

Big Tech’s self-regulation has done nothing but prove that we can’t let the wolf guard the sheep. We need independent bodies that can evaluate the harms to society, and then apply the laws to mitigate those harms. This is the way we can guarantee transparency, accountability and that people’s interests are at the core of the solutions.

Let’s hold Big Tech to account!

Platform Power