Tweetstorm action: END SURVEILLANCE ADS

January 17, 2022
Platform Power
Ask your EU representatives to END SURVEILLANCE ADS. Join the tweetstorm before the 19 January.

On 20 January, your representative will vote on whether surveillance advertisement should be allowed. It’s time they hear from you.

Almost 3 years ago, you voted for politicians to represent your rights in the EU Parliament. In the same time, Members of the EU Parliament (MEPs) promised to defend those who voted them.

In a few days, MEPs will vote whether BigTech platforms should be allowed to continue targeting all of us with surveillance ads. Will they side with PEOPLE or BIGTECH?

Surveillance ads sit at the core of Big Tech’s business model. By now, everyone knows how damaging Big Tech’s business model is – for our democratic systems, our rights as consumers and as human beings. By now, everyone knows surveillance ads polarise, discriminate, and affect the mental well-being of children, youth and adults alike.

In Brussels, BigTech lobbying is intense and deceitful.

BigTech’s people are talking to EU legislators, trying to reshape the narrative. They claim people want surveillance ads and that small businesses are happy with BigTech’s business model.

Big tech lies. You must tell the truth.

The truth is, 83% of people surveyed recently in Germany and France refuse to be targeted based on their personal data. More, another survey shows 75% of the leaders of small and medium business (SMEs) in Germany and France think surveillance ads intrude privacy. 69% of SMEs interviewed feel they have no other option but to use surveillance ads – due to BigTech’s industry dominance.

This is the reality BigTech lobbyists are trying to hide. We need you to raise your voice against BigTech’s power. Ahead of Thursday’s vote, tweet at your MEPs.

Let your representatives know we need to put an end to surveillance ads:

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